Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Card 2014

Once again, Scott has really captured our family for his traditional Christmas card drawing!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to anyone reading this!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Recent Laughs

Paul and Noah had their annual eye exam last week.  You know those little glass pieces that the eye doctor holds in front of your eyes to evaluate your vision?  Noah's doctor pulled open a drawer of them, and Noah said, "BEHOLD... the drawer of abundant non-attached monocles." 

Hannah Rose was being exceptionally grumpy last weekend and snapped at Noah.  Noah turned to me and said, "It appears Nagatron 2.0 is in need of an upgrade."

We decided to take the kids whitewater rafting recently.  I told the boys to wear swim trunks with their choice of shirts.  Noah, having dressed like The Doctor for the last two years, stayed true to form despite the whitewater occasion.  This is what happens when Mom's parameters for proper attire are too loosely defined:

Friday, August 8, 2014


Lots of visits and hellos today after the Huffington Post article.  Thanks!  We feel painfully boring now that the "fun years" are behind us.  This blog is much more entertaining from the beginning, that's for sure! would be a good place to start.

These days, we're experimenting with farming.  We have no idea what we're doing, but we have four goats, two alpacas, and a llama named Rick.  We tried chickens, too, but after being mauled by a rooster named Diablo several times and spending way too many evenings wearing latex gloves and inspecting vents, we decided that we do better with hooves.  We've taken a crash course in livestock and some hard hits to our wallets along the way, but it's no more difficult or expensive than six kids was.  I keep thinking I should start writing the new adventures down, so we'll see how that goes. 

Thanks again for all of the hellos, and here is the article in case you missed it!  I'm also posting a picture of Rick and Nacho (or "The Doctor," as he's called now).

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Catching Up, Two Years Later...

A lot of people (ok, more like two) have asked what’s up with The Brady Bunch.  What?  It’s only been a little over two years since I last posted!  Well, let’s see.  In July 2012, a job opportunity moved us to Oregon.  Tober had already graduated high school and was working in Tucson, and Micah had already begun his senior year.  We decided it was best to give the three older boys a choice on where to live, since we knew Arizona made more sense for them (at least in the short term).  Summarizing it sounds so trivial because, let me tell you, it was one of the hardest decisions of our lives.  Things worked out, though, and everyone is doing great!  We had seven amazing years together as a blended family under one roof, and we wouldn’t change a thing. 

Tober is now 20 and working full time in Tucson.  He’s still as handsome and precocious as ever, and he aspires to be a professional actor someday.  Micah is 19 and graduated high school last year (also living in Tucson), and he enjoys working with computers, film, and video game technology.  Ashton is now a freshman and is very involved with dance.  He’s taking many dance classes and is really shining!  We do a lot of flying back and forth to stay close, and Ashton just spent the summer up here with us.  Here in Oregon, Hannah Rose is 16 and a junior in high school.  She has immersed herself in theater and choir, and she’ll be singing with her high school in Carnegie Hall next spring.  Paul is 13 and an eighth grader, still plays the baritone in the school band, and is interested in pursuing a symphony position someday.  He also loves football and still has a serious knack for science.  Noah is 12 and a seventh grader, and he still lives in his imagination.  He’s a HUGE Doctor Who fan and has been dressing every day as “The Doctor” for nearly two solid years now.  Yes- two years.

Hannah Rose, Paul, and Noah just spent a few weeks down in Tucson, and all six kids got together on their own for a day.  They all remain close, and we know they'll be lifelong supportive siblings and friends.  When we think of the kids, they’re no longer “his” and “mine.”  They’re “ours.”  We love each and every one of them, their unique personalities and gifts, and their wonderful hearts.  We are truly blessed to have experienced "The Brady Bunch," and we can't wait to see what the future brings!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brotherly Records

I found this on the kitchen island the other day.  It was blank inside, and I'm a bit nervous to see how it is eventually filled out... especially being just volume one. 


Since Noah was a toddler, he's always been in character.  For quite some time, he was Nacho.  Then came Super Noah, and then came Indiana Jones.  For all of first and second grade, Noah signed his homework and tests with "Indy."  His teachers have grown to accept this little quirk, and Noah continues to happily abide deep within his imagination.  Hannah Rose's 14th birthday was last week, and Noah's signature on the card reveals his latest alias.  It will be an interesting summer.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Serious Thoughts

Noah:  "I can look and act like a real vampire."

Paul:  "You should scare kindergarteners doing that."

Noah:  "Kindergarteners are smarter than they used to be, Paul.  MUCH smarter.  (long pause)  In fact, I'm concerned they may come up with a kindergarten empire."