Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ashton, age 10, has got to be one of the easiest kids on the planet. He is, by nature, a sweetheart. He loves collecting Hotwheels, Bakugans, Webkins, and various little knick knacks. His worst fear, or so it seems, is getting into any kind of trouble. Therefore he does a pretty good job of staying in line without much direction needed. My favorite Ashton story (and perfect example of his personality) was when his grandpa, Scott's dad, was visiting here from Montana. He leaned down and said, "Ashton, may I ask why you are always such a good boy?" Ashton lowered his head and said, "Sorry."

Ashton does struggle with being a complete space cadet. I tell him to put his shoes on for school, and five minutes later he is wandering around the house with one sock on. I tell him to pick up his room, and ten minutes later, he asks me what I asked him to do. He embarrasses very easily and can go from giggling to sobbing without much warning. Ashton is also a type 1 juvenile diabetic which presents its own challenges, but he has a positive attitude about it and adapted to his diagnosis quite quickly thanks to years of watching his big brother deal with it. Despite Ashton's quiet nature, he is an incredible dancer. Never underestimate this kid... turn on some Lady Gaga and then wish you were as awesome as he is. 

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