Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hannah Rose

In the village of drama queens, Hannah Rose stands alone. At age eleven, she believes she has undergone more trauma and stress than the average decorated war veteran. Although very bright and articulate, Hannah has inherited the mother of all blonde genes when it comes to simple common sense. An example: While filling out a quiz about herself recently, question #19 was "What famous person from history would you like to meet in person?" Hannah's answer: "Anne Frank." Question #20 was "What would you ask #19?" Hannah's answer: "Why aren't you friends with #20?" When questioned about her ridiculous answer, Hannah said, "Sorry, I just don't know what one number would ask another number."

Hannah, to her credit, is the only girl out of six children. She has a right to be dramatic at times. Having said that, she has it pretty good. No hand-me-downs, her own bedroom, her own bathroom, and sympathy from every person she ever meets.

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