Sunday, January 10, 2010


First in the line-up of kids: Ocktober. Where do I begin with Ocktober? He is 16, handsome, precocious, and full of himself. Ocktober is a self-appointed expert on every topic under the sun including parenting, relationships, marriage, music, books, movies, modern technology, rocket science, spirituality, and quantum physics. Tober has been a juvenile diabetic since he was three years old. It is a constant strain, as he knows this is one area of his life he can control (or choose not to control) and either consciously or subconsciously use against authority. Aside from his faults, and we all have them, Ocktober is a very likeable, sweet kid. He is getting to be quick witted like his dad, and he is generally easy to please.  One of my favorite stories about Ocktober is when Scott was helping him get ready for baseball season in 8th grade. They were tossing a ball in the yard when Scott was coaching him about where the outfielder would likely throw a ball during a certain scenario. Scott said, "You know he's not going to throw to home plate because that's too far of a distance." Ocktober replied, "Yeah, that would be impossible, unless he was taking Altoids or something." Hey, they are the curiously strong mint, but I think "steroids" was the word he was looking for.

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