Tuesday, January 12, 2010


To describe Paul in a couple of paragraphs is pretty impossible. Paul, age 9, is scary intelligent.  He is intensely serious and sees the world in black and white. He has a hard time not correcting adults, and even his teacher admits that he is usually right. That makes parenting a serious challenge. Paul's favorite hobby is studying the human body and outer space. He also loves to study the Titanic, US Presidents, and world flags. His biggest fear is getting sucked into a black hole. His favorite thing to draw is human organs.  When Paul was 7, we took a family vacation to a lake. Brain eating amoebas were all over the news at the time, so I naturally took precautions by making my children wear nose plugs in the water. I explained the necessity of these precautions before we left. Unfortunately, Paul decided to use the topic for his turn giving the "morning report" in first grade. He stood in front of his classroom of 30 innocent children and said, "Today I am going to talk to you about the BRAIN EATING AMOEBA. While you are swimming, it will travel up your nose and LIQUIFY YOUR BRAIN WHILE YOU ARE STILL ALIVE." His teacher said that she could hear a pin drop and that she was certain no child would ever enter a swimming pool again. More on Paul later.

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