Thursday, January 14, 2010

A typical morning

The alarm went off at 6am. Ashton came upstairs to tell me that his finger stick was 447 and he was throwing large ketones. I told him the usual- insulin, lots of water, eggs for breakfast, stay home until we can get it under control. One kid down, five to go.

Paul and Hannah got into a huge fight over the fact that Paul had not brushed his teeth. Hannah: "You didn't even brush them last night. Your friends are going to hate your breath. You have terrible hygiene." Paul: "I'm not going to brush them just because you told me to. And you don't even know what hygiene is. Just look at your hair."

Noah came into my room with broken glasses in his hand. I asked him if he can manage a day at school without them. He said, "Yes, I'll try, but my whole world will be fuzzy."

Paul asked me to sign a note from his teacher acknowledging that he had been disruptive in class yesterday. Noah said, "BUSTED." Paul then teased him about his broken glasses. Noah replied: "You keeping PUSHING ME and PUSHING ME, Paul. One of these days, I'm just going to POP."

Noah came running into my room about three minutes before the bus left. His four seasons report booklet (still blank, thankfully) was partially eaten. He was sobbing. I told him that we could get another one from his teacher. He asked me to "shoot her an email about it." The culprit, I believe, was a certain naughty bunny.

Hannah's ride pulled up. We yelled our goodbyes from different floors of the house, and she left. She then called me from her cell phone to tell me she had left.

I don't know how Tober and Micah made it to school, because I dozed back off and they were gone when I woke up.

Scott just got home from work and dropped Ashton off. His blood sugar is back to normal (or normal for Ashton, I should say). Total time getting all six kids to school: 4 hours, 11 minutes.

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