Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cats and Concrete Mixing Pans

Jabba is a 33 pound cat. He resembles a Zeppelin. When we first got him, we invested in the largest cat litter box we could find. It had a cover that held an air filter and an air freshener. Jabba was a very good boy about using his box, but unfortunately, he would *think* he was in his box when his butt was actually hanging out a good six inches and all of his waste was landing on the carpet. We finally had to buy a concrete mixing pan from Home Depot. It is hideous looking and takes two giant boxes of cat litter to fill up. I got the brilliant idea to hide the pan in the corner behind our sectional sofa in the living room. A couple of days later, we had guests over, and we kept hearing this LOUD grunting sound. To our horror, it was Jabba straining to poop. He was making the most eerily human sounds I've ever heard a cat make, and Scott and I had to try desperately to distract our company and keep straight faces. This is just one of many quirky Jabba stories, but for some reason, it stands out the most.

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