Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why It's All Worthwhile

Micah entered a Mother's Day essay contest this week. I just read his entry.

"My dad married my stepmom, Rachel, when I was ten. My dad then got custody of me and my brothers. I was in a bad place in my life before Rachel, but she turned my life around. She’s nice and really funny, and she made my dad happy again. When we got a new dog named Phoebe, the dog destroyed my favorite stuffed animal named Brother Bear that I’d had since I was a baby. Rachel told me that we would go to Build-a-Bear Workshop and make him new again. She took me there a week later and had Brother Bear’s remains put inside a new bear body, and then I got to pick out new clothes for him. Afterwards we went out for a dinner date. It was the best night. Rachel loves animals, so we have lots of pets. She plays violin in the Southern Arizona Symphony which means we get to go to her concerts. No matter what, she still makes time to spend with the family. We are raised amazingly because of her. We have six kids in one house since we’re a blended family, and Rachel handles it perfectly. The house is clean, and everyone is happy and feels loved. Thanks to Rachel, I clean my room, do my chores, and get reasonable grades. I never got on honor roll until Rachel encouraged me that I could do it. I have a reading and learning disability and she helps me work through it. She reads a lot of my school papers and helps me edit them, and she made me my own dictionary to help me spell. We go to a great church, and I belong to a youth group now. I’m happy that I have Rachel as my mom. I owe everything to her."

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