Thursday, August 12, 2010

That New Car Smell

Scott and I were reminiscing last night about our first vehicle together. We bought a brand new, 8 passenger Toyota Sienna right off of the lot about a year after we got married. It was loaded, and we were ecstatic to finally be able to cart our entire family around in one vehicle. Everyone talked about the new car smell but Noah. He was barely four at the time, and he insisted that the new van smelled like meat. For weeks he called it "The Meat Van," and he commented on the "meat smell" every time we got inside. Finally, on the road one evening, Scott lost his patience with the meat comments and said, "Do not EVER call this The Meat Van again. It does NOT smell like meat, Noah. It smells like a NEW CAR. End of discussion." The van was completely silent for a few moments, and then Noah quietly said, "Can I tell a knock knock joke?" Scott reluctantly sighed, "Yes, Noah."

Noah: "Knock knock.
Scott: "Who's there?"
Noah: "Meat."
Scott (after a long pause): "Meat who?"

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