Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust.

Noah has a habit of destroying clothes. He is a disaster on two little feet in Sketchers light-up shoes. On Friday, he tried flying on the merry-go-round and ended up in the ER with a busted nose from face planting on the ground. Upon arriving at the hospital, he promptly car-doored a brand new BMW. Upon leaving, he told the doctor, "Well, I did get some pretty good air time at least."

Last year during American Idol, Noah thought Simon Cowell looked cool with his V neck shirts. He cut a long slit in the necks of most of his tshirts. Did I flip out? Not really. He just had to wear them until they were too small. Was I worried about what people would think? Not really. Anyone who knows Noah wouldn't even ask why. Today he came home with his shirt in the condition shown below. When questioned about it, he said, "I just fall a lot every time I wear this shirt." And before you wonder about the pic, he has his arms behind his back, and for whatever reason his skin looks like Edward Cullen's. I know.

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