Friday, October 8, 2010

Weebles Wobble, But They Don't Fall Down!

I bought a huge, basket-weave style vase yesterday at World Traders. When I got home and unloaded it, I naturally had to put one of the kids inside. Paul volunteered. We barely squeezed his arms into it, and since the top of the vase is narrow, it rested on his head (the bottom is open). After we got Paul all tucked inside, Noah noticed a GIANT RED COCKROACH on the outside of the vase. (Disclaimer: this had to have come from the store!!!) Paul heard about the roach discovery and started panicking. He was moving around like a Weeble, because his arms were pinned to his sides in the vase and he couldn't lift it off. I was screaming and trying to smack the roach with a shoe, because there was no WAY I was lifting that vase up in the air (off of Paul) so the roach could fall onto my head. In the end, we had Paul screaming inside a vase, me screaming and begging Paul to hold still, Noah screaming that the roach was going to get away, and me finally smacking the roach hard enough to kill it. I think Paul is permanently traumatized.

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