Saturday, November 27, 2010

Feline Woes of a Home Office

We have a cat named Mose (after Dwight Schrute's cousin on The Office). We've had Mose since he was six weeks old, and I can honestly tell you that something is wrong with this cat. He is not normal in any way. He's extremely loud, carries things around in his mouth, tortures dogs, sucks on people's earlobes, and is a practicing kleptomaniac. He collects random items from around the house, such as nail clippers, scotch tape, bandaids, spoons, pencils, underwear, business cards, and chapstick, and he hides them on the crow's nest of his cat tower. He darts out of hiding spots and attacks ankles whenever possible. He has a sick little sense of humor. Obviously this makes him one of our favorite pets.

As a bookkeeper who still has a few clients in addition to my regular job, my home office is very important to me. Mose has a bone to pick with my adding machine, so this is what I frequently come home to. Sigh.

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