Sunday, January 30, 2011

Natural Air Freshener

I walked into Micah and Ashton's room yesterday and was immediately disturbed. Why? It smelled GOOD. That never happens. Normally I am searching the house for days looking for the source of foul smells, and the culprits have varied from a rotting open can of green beans in a bathroom cabinet to a dresser drawer full of soggy, molding Pull-Ups. I've learned the hard way that no matter how clean and tidy parents are, boys are by nature disgusting. Back to the GOOD smell... I couldn't find the source at first, but I finally located it. There was a grocery sack under Ashton's bed containing 14 lemons. No idea how or why.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Martin Luther King Day

Paul asked yesterday why there are "black holidays" but no "white holidays." I told him MLK Day isn't so much a "black holiday" but rather celebrates a man who did great things for civil rights. Paul thought about it for a little while and said, "Well, I guess President's Day used to be a white holiday."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catching Up, Spiders, and College

It has been awhile since I posted anything, and that's mainly because I no longer possess any concept of time. Every day seems to blur into another when life gets this busy. Here are a few highlights:

(This morning)
Paul: "There is an EXTREMELY large brown recluse spider in the rec room."
Me: "Brown recluses are really small, Paul, so it's probably a wolf spider or something."
Paul: "They are small unless they've MUTATED. This one has mutated."
Me: "I'm sure someone will smack it. I'm not going in there."
When I went downstairs, I noticed this sign on the rec room door:

(Saturday... conversation after both Paul and Hannah come upstairs bawling)
Hannah: "Paul kicked me in the stomach!!!"
Paul: "She ripped me out of the chair and broke two of my cervical vertebrae!!!"
Hannah: "I SO did not."
Paul: "I could be paralyzed for life now!!!"
Me: "Paul, if you can walk up the stairs, you're not paralyzed."
Paul: "Well the membranes haven't started swelling yet. NOAH! Get me a bag of ice!"

Two weeks ago, a certain child of mine (who I've sworn not to reveal but know everyone can guess) got sent to the principal's office again. And proceeded to lock down the school. Again. He was in a disagreement with his teacher about the length of a year on a certain planet. He finally requested a copy of her college degree. She, in turn, sent him to the principal's office. He, in turn, decided it would be best to make a detour to the school library to find a book and prove his point. When his teacher called the principal to get a status update, my son couldn't be found. Hence locking the school down again. Once found, he stated that it wasn't that he didn't believe his teacher had a college degree. He just wanted to write a letter to the college dean and tell him "they need to spend a little more time on the astronomy section."