Monday, June 20, 2011

Speaking of Paul...

Paul was carrying around a backpack the other day, so I asked what he had in there. He said, "All of my special things. Things I want to keep close to me at all times." I decided to take a look that night after he went to bed. The contents were: his two favorite video games, his Kingdom Hearts keyblade chain, his favorite Harry Potter book, his Harry Potter wand, and his pocket Bible from when he was a baby. Oh yeah, and a giant rubber mallet. ??? The other night, Paul asked if he could play on my computer. We have strict parental settings in place, so I told him sure. I peeked in on him after about a half hour, and I found him doing "research" on the internet. In the search bar, he had typed in, "What are the 2 new elements officially added to the periodic table?" That's my boy.

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