Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Honeybadger Still Don't Care

If you all remember, I adopted a rescue pup from Tucson's Cold Wet Noses recently. He is part sharpei and part English bulldog, and he is all trouble. Since our family LOVES Randall's "Honeybadger Don't Care" video, we named the new dog Honeybadger. Honeybadger fits his name beyond perfecty. And Honeybadger really don't care. So far, Honeybadger has eaten drywall. He has eating the walnut moulding off of our kitchen island. He has eaten our drip system tubing. He has pulled off a 9 foot screen door and run around the yard with its pitiful, bent, screenless frame. He has walked around on our good dining table and left muddy pawprints for proof. He has eaten a blood glucose monitor. He has opened a kitchen drawer, pulled out a box of 1,000 toothpicks, and strewn them all over the floor. He has eaten a heavy duty rubber doorstop and countless pairs of shoes. He got mad at our parrot and lifted his leg on the birdcage. And despite all of this, you know what? We adore him. And he don't care.

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  1. I found your blog from Randall's facebook page. I have to say I spent the last hour laughing at your posts. Your kids are hillarious!!!