Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Few Conversations

Our kids seem to have a gift with words even when they don't intend to be funny. Here are a few snippets from recent conversations.

Paul: "It would have been so cool if George Washington's wife was named Curious. Because her official name would have Curious George Washington."

Hannah: "I once sent a letter to Heaven inside a helium balloon."
Micah: "Well Heaven didn't get it. It probably got found by some dirty old bum."

Noah (after we passed a HUGE metal pipe being hauled by a tractor trailer): I think that was a large electric generator. Or a spaceship component. Or a giant missile of some sort. Thankfully it's pointed away from our house."

Paul: "I need 40 signatures to officially run for office in class council."
Noah: "What are you running for?"
Paul: "Secretary."
Noah: "No... WHY are you running? I'M not even voting for you."

Ashton: "I really like the mirror you hung in my room. I wanted one so I could practice my dance moves. And don't take this the wrong way, but the mirror is so small that I can't see much. Like... I can tell if one leg is moving in rhythm."

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