Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Few Noah-Isms

Noah just turned 9, and he still keeps us laughing! Here are a few of his Noah-isms lately:

At Old Navy last Friday night, Noah was very impatient because he was worried that we were going to miss our movie time. The cashier was a perky young girl with a very high-pitched voice, and she was talking my ear off. Towards the end of our transaction, she said to Noah, "So what's your favorite candy?" Noah replied, "Well aren't you the talkative one."

A Noah announcement on Saturday: "Ethan's mom said I can spend the night, but she doesn't know where we live. So I told Ethan to just drive around our town until he sees a driveway with a van, a Prius, and me."

We walked past Abercrombie the other night, and the cologne scent was very strong. Once we got outside, Noah loudly said, "Ahhhhh... the smell of regular air."

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