Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brotherly Records

I found this on the kitchen island the other day.  It was blank inside, and I'm a bit nervous to see how it is eventually filled out... especially being just volume one. 


Since Noah was a toddler, he's always been in character.  For quite some time, he was Nacho.  Then came Super Noah, and then came Indiana Jones.  For all of first and second grade, Noah signed his homework and tests with "Indy."  His teachers have grown to accept this little quirk, and Noah continues to happily abide deep within his imagination.  Hannah Rose's 14th birthday was last week, and Noah's signature on the card reveals his latest alias.  It will be an interesting summer.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Serious Thoughts

Noah:  "I can look and act like a real vampire."

Paul:  "You should scare kindergarteners doing that."

Noah:  "Kindergarteners are smarter than they used to be, Paul.  MUCH smarter.  (long pause)  In fact, I'm concerned they may come up with a kindergarten empire."

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

13 Year Old Girls

Last night, Hannah Rose had to rush over to my sister's house for emergency babysitting.  It was very late, so we decided it would be best if she just spent the night.  I told Hannah Rose to text me a list of things she needed so I could pack her an overnight bag and send it over.  Here is her response.  I couldn't even manage to capture it in one screen shot.

Space Musings by Paul Philip

The other night, Paul (11) and I were lying on my bed chatting.  Paul looked over at a fixed point on the wall and was clearly zoned out.  I asked what he was thinking about, and he said, "You know, when it comes to space... the Soviets really accomplished a lot in their day."

Friday, April 27, 2012

Noteworthy Quotes

A few Brady Bunch quotes from recent history:

Paul: "You PROMISED!"
Noah: "Things change. I was feeling particularly generous when I promised that."

Noah: "I'm thinking of playing the harmonica for the talent show. I should probably practice... because I gotta admit... I really stink at that thing."

Paul: "The creative writing part of the exam was so stupid.  The prompt they gave us was to describe a month-long space vacation on Mercury.  The first thing I wrote was what a ripoff a month-long vacation on Mercury would be, since a month is approximately seven days long there."

The other night, I heard a little voice after bedtime that said, "Mom, will you give me one more hug and kiss?"  I assumed it was Paul, because Noah still usually calls me "Mommy."  As I balanced on my tippy toes at the edge of the bunk bed to reach Paul on the upper bunk, I heard a little voice beneath me say, "No, Mommy, it was me...Noah... your more accessible son."

Different Perspectives

Our school district holds a community fair on a Saturday every spring, and it is quite the event. School is even out of session on the Friday before so that the district can prepare. The event is held in two ginormous barns on the county fairgrounds and includes artwork from each and every student in the ENTIRE district. This year, Paul and Noah's elementary school displayed ceramic shoe sculptures by each of the students. Paul's shoe, like Paul, was practical and realistic. Noah's shoe, like Noah, was... well, you be the judge. 

Here is Paul's shoe:

... and here is Noah's shoe:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wine Glasses

Noah was doing chores, and one of his tasks was to take any dishes from upstairs and put them in the sink downstairs. He walked by me with a wine glass, and I said, "Be careful honey. Those are very breakable." He responded, "I know, Mom. I have an extensive history of breaking things."

Babysitting Blues

The other night, Hannah Rose called me from her cell phone and asked me how to spell "Argenziano's," which is a local Italian restaurant. She was upstairs in my office "doing homework" on my computer, and I was downstairs. I told her how to spell it and didn't think much of it until I found this note on my bathroom mirror (click to enlarge). Not only does my daughter apparently need "hard cold cash," but I also need to type a response?

"Star Search"

Some of you may remember last year's second grade musical when Noah wanted to be a cockroach instead of a bumble bee or a butterfly. This year's third grade musical was called "Star Search" and was based on outer space. The kids were instructed to dress as either the sun, the moon, a star, a comet, or a planet. Noah wanted to be a black hole. He insisted upon it and said, "Mom, all I need is an intense magnetic field!" We did the best we could. There, on stage, in all his glory, was my son, The Black Hole.

Sidenote: After the play, a little girl talked to Noah for a minute. When she walked away, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Guess I'm a chick magnet too."

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"My Bad."

Last night, Noah was playing 20 Questions with Paul. Paul's word was "God," but they started arguing over God's category. Tober of course had to pipe in, and he ended up giving us yet more ammunition to laugh at him with.

Paul: "Who would say God is man made?"
Tober: "Umm... SADISTS?!?"
Me: "Don't you mean ATHIESTS?"
Tober: "My bad."

Lima Bean Season

Science Fair Season 2011-2012 is officially over. Once again, how many projects can one family come up with? With six kids each having to do five projects during their school years, that's THIRTY science fair projects! If 50% of them deal with lima beans and three experimental trials are due for each project, assuming three lima bean plants are required for each trial, that means I have to deal with a minimum of ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE lima bean plants growing on my windowsill in Styrofoam cups during my lifetime!!! Does anyone else see how ridiculous this is? I'm so sick of lima beans! Do you need to know if Gatorade can be used to water lima beans for successful growth? It can! Do you need to know if lima beans grow taller when you read to them? They don't! Do you need to know if lima beans grow taller if they listen to classical music? They do! Do you need to know if lima beans grow in Sprite? They don't! Do you need to know if lima beans rot and get smelly when they are over-watered? They do! Do you need to know if cats eat lima bean plants on the day you're supposed to take pictures and chart their height? They do! Do you need to know if lima beans germinate better in damp paper towels? They do! Do you need to know if lima beans can be attached to a science fair project board with a hot glue gun to create an artistic display? They can!

Speaking of science fair boards, my kids never tell me their display boards are due until they day before they're due. Never. That leaves me running all over town looking for a store that isn't out of display boards. Last night, I finally gave up and recycled one of last year's boards by ripping everything off of it and covering it with wrapping paper. Ghetto? Yes, but desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Friday, January 27, 2012

Spelling Bee en Espanol

Noah competed last week in the district wide spelling bee. As a third grader, he was one of the youngest contestants. He was given the word "adios" which threw him off. Enjoy the video! (And PS- he made it to the championship round and ended up getting second place.) :)