Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wine Glasses

Noah was doing chores, and one of his tasks was to take any dishes from upstairs and put them in the sink downstairs. He walked by me with a wine glass, and I said, "Be careful honey. Those are very breakable." He responded, "I know, Mom. I have an extensive history of breaking things."

Babysitting Blues

The other night, Hannah Rose called me from her cell phone and asked me how to spell "Argenziano's," which is a local Italian restaurant. She was upstairs in my office "doing homework" on my computer, and I was downstairs. I told her how to spell it and didn't think much of it until I found this note on my bathroom mirror (click to enlarge). Not only does my daughter apparently need "hard cold cash," but I also need to type a response?

"Star Search"

Some of you may remember last year's second grade musical when Noah wanted to be a cockroach instead of a bumble bee or a butterfly. This year's third grade musical was called "Star Search" and was based on outer space. The kids were instructed to dress as either the sun, the moon, a star, a comet, or a planet. Noah wanted to be a black hole. He insisted upon it and said, "Mom, all I need is an intense magnetic field!" We did the best we could. There, on stage, in all his glory, was my son, The Black Hole.

Sidenote: After the play, a little girl talked to Noah for a minute. When she walked away, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Guess I'm a chick magnet too."