Friday, April 27, 2012

Noteworthy Quotes

A few Brady Bunch quotes from recent history:

Paul: "You PROMISED!"
Noah: "Things change. I was feeling particularly generous when I promised that."

Noah: "I'm thinking of playing the harmonica for the talent show. I should probably practice... because I gotta admit... I really stink at that thing."

Paul: "The creative writing part of the exam was so stupid.  The prompt they gave us was to describe a month-long space vacation on Mercury.  The first thing I wrote was what a ripoff a month-long vacation on Mercury would be, since a month is approximately seven days long there."

The other night, I heard a little voice after bedtime that said, "Mom, will you give me one more hug and kiss?"  I assumed it was Paul, because Noah still usually calls me "Mommy."  As I balanced on my tippy toes at the edge of the bunk bed to reach Paul on the upper bunk, I heard a little voice beneath me say, "No, Mommy, it was me...Noah... your more accessible son."

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