Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Recent Laughs

Paul and Noah had their annual eye exam last week.  You know those little glass pieces that the eye doctor holds in front of your eyes to evaluate your vision?  Noah's doctor pulled open a drawer of them, and Noah said, "BEHOLD... the drawer of abundant non-attached monocles." 

Hannah Rose was being exceptionally grumpy last weekend and snapped at Noah.  Noah turned to me and said, "It appears Nagatron 2.0 is in need of an upgrade."

We decided to take the kids whitewater rafting recently.  I told the boys to wear swim trunks with their choice of shirts.  Noah, having dressed like The Doctor for the last two years, stayed true to form despite the whitewater occasion.  This is what happens when Mom's parameters for proper attire are too loosely defined:

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